WATCH: Coronavirus daily update: May 18, 2020

  • Now Playing: Wuhan will attempt to test entire population for COVID-19

  • Now Playing: More answers to your COVID-19 questions

  • Now Playing: National Emergency Medical Services Week: Honoring front-line first responders

  • Now Playing: Florida is entering ‘Full Phase 1’ of its coronavirus recovery plan

  • Now Playing: Latest coronavirus developments we’re watching

  • Now Playing: Latest updates on COVID-19: May 18, 2020

  • Now Playing: ABC News correspondent Kaylee Hartung meets plasma recipient in emotional meeting

  • Now Playing: Little league team practices from a ‘distance’ and sends message to stay home

  • Now Playing: Large-scale mural in heart of Manhattan honors nurses on the frontlines

  • Now Playing: Urgent need for blood donations in NYC

  • Now Playing: US coronavirus death toll expected to hit 90,000

  • Now Playing: 8 states report rise in confirmed coronavirus cases

  • Now Playing: Concerns grow over child inflammatory syndrome possibly connected to COVID-19

  • Now Playing: How to deal with the anxiety of going back to work

  • Now Playing: Mysterious syndrome affecting children possibly linked to COVID-19

  • Now Playing: Experts say psychological impact of reopening will be disproportionate

  • Now Playing: Real story behind video of a packed restaurant

  • Now Playing: Patients saved by medical teams are paying it forward

  • Now Playing: Promising new development in Oxford University vaccine trial

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