WATCH: Coronavirus daily update: May 13, 2020

  • Now Playing: New York City breaks record: 58 straight days with no pedestrian deaths

  • Now Playing: Paul Manafort released from prison early due to coronavirus

  • Now Playing: An increase in domestic violence has been reported due to the pandemic

  • Now Playing: More answers to your COVID-19 questions

  • Now Playing: How convalescent plasma is being used to help newly infected COVID-19 patients

  • Now Playing: The number of coronavirus cases in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are trending down

  • Now Playing: Latest coronavirus developments we’re watching

  • Now Playing: Pediatric inflammatory syndrome cases rise in NYC

  • Now Playing: COVID-19 survivor is fighting the virus through blood donations

  • Now Playing: How rare inflammatory illness could impact schools

  • Now Playing: Broadway star’s wife speaks out after husband wakes up from coma

  • Now Playing: Grocery prices on the rise

  • Now Playing: New coronavirus model predicts jump in death toll

  • Now Playing: Laboratories race to create a vaccine

  • Now Playing: Entertainment industry slowly getting back on track

  • Now Playing: Is it safe to hug a relative I haven’t been quarantining with?

  • Now Playing: This front-line nurse documented life during coronavirus in the emergency room

  • Now Playing: This woman dropped 105 pounds with the keto diet after a pre-diabetes diagnosis

  • Now Playing: How to safely reopen the economy

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