WATCH: Coronavirus daily update: May 12, 2020

  • Now Playing: Virtual variety show lends helping hands and some laughs

  • Now Playing: Unemployed and pushed to the edge of hunger during pandemic

  • Now Playing: Rise in cowardly and vicious ‘Zoom bombing’

  • Now Playing: Answers to your COVID-19 questions

  • Now Playing: Celebrating International Nurses Day

  • Now Playing: Pandemic hits minorities at disproportional and alarming rate

  • Now Playing: Many states begin to lift lockdowns

  • Now Playing: Latest coronavirus developments we’re watching

  • Now Playing: Latest updates on COVID-19: May 12, 2020

  • Now Playing: This couple decided to adopt after the COVID-19 pandemic put IVF on hold

  • Now Playing: Should kids be wearing masks? Here’s what you need to know

  • Now Playing: Here are all the celebs and public figures who’ve tested positive for COVID-19

  • Now Playing: Doctor’s tweet about near-full flight sparks concern

  • Now Playing: Parisians head outside in full force as lockdown is lifted

  • Now Playing: New York state to take first steps toward reopening

  • Now Playing: New White House directive orders staff to wear masks

  • Now Playing: Americans returning to work can be tested daily ‘very soon,’ says Trump

  • Now Playing: US sending $1 billion to help states boost COVID-19 testing: Trump

  • Now Playing: More men than women are dying from COVID-19. Is it biology or behavior? l FiveThirtyEight

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