WATCH: Coronavirus daily update: May 04, 2020

  • Now Playing: Hotels and restaurants in Rostock, Germany, highlight the conditions they are facing

  • Now Playing: A man dressed as the Grim Reaper visits beaches in Florida

  • Now Playing: Missouri reopening begins amid pandemic

  • Now Playing: Latest coronavirus developments we’re watching

  • Now Playing: Latest updates on COVID-19: May 4, 2020

  • Now Playing: More answers to your COVID-19 questions

  • Now Playing: 7 more states to ease restrictions today

  • Now Playing: Broadway star Nick Cordero recovering after tracheostomy

  • Now Playing: Possible movement in the global race for COVID-19 vaccine

  • Now Playing: How to stay connected during the pandemic

  • Now Playing: How helpful and reliable is antibody testing?

  • Now Playing: Study examines spread of COVID-19 in restaurant

  • Now Playing: Volunteers step up to test possible COVID-19 vaccine

  • Now Playing: Protesters take demands to reopen US to the streets

  • Now Playing: What is remdesivir?

  • Now Playing: US will ‘hopefully’ come in below 100,000 deaths from coronavirus: Trump

  • Now Playing: FDA authorizes emergency use of remdesivir: Trump

  • Now Playing: Viral videos of nurses celebrate recoveries, singing, and dancing during the pandemic

  • Now Playing: New rules of social distancing during the pandemic

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