WATCH: Coronavirus daily update: April 28, 2020

  • Now Playing: How some Georgia businesses are happy to open their doors again during pandemic

  • Now Playing: More answers to your COVID-19 questions

  • Now Playing: How 1 personal trainer is powering through the pandemic

  • Now Playing: Texas Governor announces state will allow some businesses to reopen Friday

  • Now Playing: More than 50,000 dead in US from COVID-19

  • Now Playing: Latest coronavirus developments we’re watching

  • Now Playing: Latest updates on COVID-19: April 28, 2020

  • Now Playing: Manufacturing company pays tribute to National Health Service workers

  • Now Playing: 6-month-old survived COVID-19 after having open-heart surgery

  • Now Playing: This hospital had an epic celebration for their 100th COVID-19 patient’s discharge

  • Now Playing: Coronavirus and pets: What to know

  • Now Playing: Expert advice on when you should and shouldn’t wear a face mask

  • Now Playing: Your next prescription could be delivered by drone

  • Now Playing: COVID-19’s hidden victims

  • Now Playing: The mental toll on health care workers

  • Now Playing: Boston COVID-19 patient fights to breathe again

  • Now Playing: Dr. Deborah Birx details core elements of new guidance

  • Now Playing: Trump reveals new federal and state testing guidance

  • Now Playing: Trump remembers coronavirus victims

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