St. Albert woman stuck in Peru calls on government for help getting home

A St. Albert woman stuck in Peru since early March says she fears for her life. With widespread COVID-19 cases and mounting deaths in the country, she’s one of nearly 200,000 Canadians desperately pleading with the federal government to bring them home.

“I want to go home… that’s all I want, [to] see my kids again,” Ana Nehring said.

For nearly three months, Nehring has been away from her family and her life in St. Albert, Alta.

She flew to Lima, Peru to visit her mother in March, and is now stuck there with borders shut down and flights cancelled due to the pandemic.

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“There’s over 135,000 infected here, the healthcare system has collapsed now. We have a list of 195 fellow Canadians who are stuck here,” Nehring said.

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She says the situation is bad and fears for her life.

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“If I get sick here I’ll go to the People’s Hospital, which is the worst hospital and I will die and they will throw me in a common grave. It’s terrible. They are digging graves for people because there are so many dead,” Nehring said.

Edmonton couple repatriated from Peru thanks Canadian embassy staff for getting them home

Edmonton couple repatriated from Peru thanks Canadian embassy staff for getting them home

More than 2,600 Canadians have been able to travel out of Peru with government help but Peru stopped allowing repatriation flights in late April. In frustration, Nehring contacted her local member of parliament.

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“I think the solution, ultimately, will be to get my constituent and the other Canadians on a flight from Lima to Miami and once they get to Miami there are flights to Toronto,” MP for St. Albert-Edmonton, Michael Cooper, said.

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Global Affairs Canada, said in a statement Friday: The government of Canada is working with airlines and foreign governments to facilitate flights to Canada from locations where there is a lack of flights.

“But some may remain outside of the country for an indeterminate period.”

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“I have quite a bit of confidence based upon my experience over the past two-and-half months that we will see that this constituent and the Canadians are returned home. I mean, it’s frustrating, but it’s complicated,” Cooper explained.

“Take me home. I’m ready, my bags are packed, I’m just waiting for a phone call,” Nehring said.

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